Mercy House is a Montreal-based design studio devoted to creating minimalist, distinctive and timeless clothing.

Meticulously designed and handmade in Montréal, the products seek to evoke confidence and comfort in oneself.


Karen Vaquilar - Founder


Established in 2016,  Karen Vaquilar boldly began cultivating Mercy House’s vision after gaining experience for several years in the fashion industry. 

Recognizing the damaging and wasteful practices currently used worldwide in the industry, she sought to create a sustainable and ethical streetwear brand that could drive positive change. 

Named after her mother Mercy, Mercy House is a sustainable streetwear brand, designed and handmade in the heart of Montreal’s Mile End District. Inspired by music, street culture, minimalist architecture and modern art.

Through Mercy House, Karen strives to redefine the streetwear landscape and inspire a new generation of conscious consumers.