Mercy House is a Montreal-based design studio devoted to creating minimalist, distinctive and timeless clothing.
Inspired by art, architecture, photography and various cultures, we merged multidisciplinary skills to fuel our journey.

Meticulously designed and handmade in Montréal, the products seek to evoke confidence and comfort in oneself.



Mercy House is committed to reforming the fashion industry to reduce the harmful and damaging impact on the environment. 

We perform all designing and manufacturing procedures in house from start to finish by hand.

All materials used have been carefully selected from local mills or we choose end of rolls for limited edition items. 

Our production strategy is Made-To-Order (MTO) - a manufacturing process in which production starts only after a customer's order is received, allowing customized fits to specification.

Our approach strengthens the local economy, reduces carbon emissions caused by mechanical mass production and offshore transportation, and reduces materials waste through bespoke, intentional fitting.